What Is The Best Commercial String Trimmer On The Market?

This is a reputable brand known for making high-quality products, and this is one of their most popular weed eater models for the home. Prices for weed eaters are going to vary depending on what you want. The more money you are willing to spend, the better trimmer you will wind up with.

best gas weed trimmers

The low-vibration design reduces fatigue so that you can work longer, with ergonomically designed cushioned front and rear handles. Echo’s i-30TM starting system reduces starting effort by 30%, and the Speed-Feed® technology refills the dual string bump feed system in seconds without the need for a tool. Husqvarna’s 525L trimmer houses a 25.4cc, 2-cycle motor equipped with X-Torq® technology to reduce fuel consumption up to 20% and exhaust emissions up to 60%. Easy to use and control with an adjustable, padded d-handle, the easy load head clears through tough grass and pesky weeds with a 17” swath. For more challenging jobs, switch to the included 8-inch, 4-tooth brushcutter tool to clean up heavy brush and small trees. Or multitask with any of the Trimmer Plus® attachments available through Cub Cadet retailers.

Where Else To Find String Trimmers

Even if you aren’t familiar with the term “string trimmer,” you’re probably familiar with the tool itself. These tools go by many names, including weed eater, weed wacker, grass trimmer, and weed trimmer. Don’t worry too much about which name to use — they’re all the same thing. Electric and battery-powered products both use electricity to run.

A J-handle design along with a shoulder strap make the weed eater even a better choice. Also, this model is compatible with a wide variety of attachments for additional outdoor work like edging and pruning. The trimmer head can come with a variety of attachments detailed in the next section. It also can have a versatile tilting feature that allows the head to be angled up or down for more precise cutting in tight spots. The shaft of the trimmer can either be completely straight or curved.

Gas Powered Weed Wackers

The more efficient the weed whacker is,the more time you can save on each lawn. It’s true, battery-powered tools have come a long way, BUT when it comes to commercial lawn care operations, they are not up to par. One of the biggest annoyances in using a string trimmer is the fact that it is using a nylon cording to do the cutting work. As it’s used, the string will wear down, and eventually you’ll run out.

If this sounds like you, and you want a great string trimmer that won’t cost you a fortune, then this model from GreenWorks is right up your alley. The design of the shaft has some bearing on the performance of the trimmer. The curved shafts are known to be lighter and easier to use, whereas the straight shaft is known to have a farther reach. In this case, the curved shaft design enhances practicality, providing comfort and improved accessibility to hard-to-reach areas.

The design is incredibly ergonomic and balanced, making it even better for a more petite woman. Your best bet is to go for a corded or battery powered option as they are generally the lightest and require less effort to operate as opposed to gas trimmers. Those of you in the fast and effective camp are going to love this ultra efficient string trimmer from the tool experts at DeWalt. As much as I love some of the features and functions that come with electric and battery-powered trimmers, I know that there are certain jobs that just call for the power of a gas trimmer.

best gas weed trimmers

Best for – Battery-powered string trimmers are great for tall grass and high weeds while being emission and maintenance-free. Husqvarna products have been represented on all five of our “Best of 2013” reviews, a testament to the brand’s popularity and effectiveness. The user-favorite 223L gas trimmer maintains an astounding 5-star average by 213 husqvarna.com reviewers. If you feel reviews shown on a manufacturer’s website might be bias, be comforted to know Popular Mechanics has also rated this trimmer as one of their top picks. The EGO Power+ 15-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer provides all the convenience of a gas trimmer, but without the noise and the mess. The newly designed battery is powerful and efficient enough to get most major yeard jobs done.

The product weighs around 20 lbs which is somewhat difficult for a woman or short person. A similar electric/battery-operated weed whacker weighs roughly 6 lbs. But, we have taken this trimmer since some of our visitors love to use stronger & heavy-performing gas trimmer. So, you will be able to cut a hell of grass with little effort. The product weighs roughly 5 pounds so that it can maneuver easily.

While the 128DJx does not come with any extra accessories, customers do have the option to purchase attachments that turn the trimmer into a multi-functional tool. In many cases, users didn’t have to replace their trimmer for at least 10 years. This does not take away from the performance of the trimmer in any way but is something that you should be prepared for.

Husqvarna 129c String Trimmer

Its powerful engine makes allows this trimmer easily cut through tough weeds and tall patches of grass. This model is EPA/CARB approved and comes with a 0.95 fixed, dual-line head. A common theme in Amazon reviews for the Husqvarna trimmer was that many customers complimented the product’s power and balance. However, some reviewers noticed a performance decrease during the trimming of thick grass and weeds, and others felt the weed eater was heavy and awkward, despite the curved design. Beyond that, you can look at features such as weight, shaft length, fuel capacity, and feed system to find the best gas string trimmer for you and your yard duties.

As the cord spins under the motor’s power, it slices cleanly through grass, light weeds, and soft materials at the height you’re holding it. But if you have lots of woody brush, or thick and dense masses of grass, it may not be able to cut through. The straight shaft on this beast is easy to control and navigate around trees or the edges of lawns without chopping up the dirt, and it cuts amazingly well. If you’re a perfectionist like me or just like a neat and tidy lawn, a string trimmer is a necessary tool in the arsenal of any respectable gardener. Whether you’re a professional or just a weekend warrior, find the best weed trimmer for your next lawn maintenance task with a new battery, gas or combi line trimmer from Husqvarna. Works perfectly in every area but could use a longer run time.

For that price, you get a solid amount of performance centered around this model’s 25cc engine. That motor includes QuickStart technology, too, so you won’t need to tire yourself out to simply get the unit working. The curved shaft best gas weed trimmers keeps the weed eater lightweight and comfortable in the hands. An ergonomic front grip also makes it easy to finesse the eater around obstacles. For different types of cuts, the shaft can pivot to an edger in mere seconds.

  • The EPA phase 2 regulations are incredibly stringent, so for this model to comply with the CARB Tier II requirements is a major feat.
  • What you need to know is whether your gas line trimmer has an auto choke or not.
  • In total, it can hold nearly three times as other weed whips in its price range.
  • Gas weed eater sting is typically made of a hardened plastic material, meaning that it will eventually break down and break.
  • This Poulan Pro model is one of the most affordable yet quality gadgets available on the market.
  • Some gas-powered trimmers can be extra heavy, which makes trimming a hassle.
  • Such a design gives a 0.9 hp output, which makes this gas string trimmer one of the most powerful on the Husqvarna product list.
  • All information on the website is for reference only, and we do not take any responsibility for your choice.
  • Once the unit fires, you keep it throttled up until it’s warm.
  • Coating can improve the quality of metal and stone materials.

Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links.We do not specifically market to children under 13. This FAQ section will answer the most pressing weed eater and edger questions. Husqvarna’s 129C String Trimmer is a great medium power machine.

Best String Trimmer: 7 Picks For Yard Maintenance

The cutting width of a gas string trimmer refers to the total width the rotating string can reach when the trimmer is being used. Standard gas string trimmers will have a cutting width of about 16 to 18 inches. This type of weed eater and edger is less environmentally friendly. It is also heavier than electric or battery-powered weed eaters. They will also run for longer than a machine that uses electricity. The first essential feature is that a gas string trimmer uses gas to run.

Without question, you’ll physically be able to trim for longer with the Husqvarna 129C in your arsenal. But if you’re simply looking for the best gas weed eater you can find, then you’ll find it in this collection. Each of these models provide outstanding specifications, as well as features that can make it easier and more affordable to trim on a regular basis. Many of these models also include a worthwhile warranty, which can help justify an investment in a gas weed eater even further.

We’ve made it simple for you to find the top gas weed eater on the market. Checking the weed eater and edger before use ensures there is no problem when it is turned on. Yet, because the wheels take all of the weight, the SOWST4317 is very easy to use. The momiloeUS String Trimmer has an ergonomic and anti-slip u-shaped handle. However, this product might be a little loud for some people. No matter what type or height of grass you have in your yard, the momiloeUS String Trimmer will cut it.

That is why we created this guide to help you choose the best one for your home or commercial use. Other units that are not bump feed mean you have to stop and put a new section of trimmer line in or adjust as you need it. The trade off from having the four cycle engine is extra weight which is over 7 pounds (3.18 kg) heavier than the Hitachi.

While it isn’t quite as reliable or easy to use as the Husqvarna 128LD, you can save some bucks with the Poulan Pro model while getting a similar gas string trimmer. This product is also ideal for people who cannot carry a normal gas weed eater. As long as you can push 34 pounds, you can use this machine. It is also slightly less expensive than some of Husqvarna’s other models.

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This choice gives you convenience and safety with the addition of versatility in the form of a few extra tools and uses you normally do not find on other weed eating options. We did not like the constant clicking noise of the string being trimmed. We also weren’t fond of all the little pieces of string that were ejected. The Worx also has a telescoping shaft, adding a further adjustment to accommodate for height . On other models, you can modify for user height only by adjusting the secondary handle on the shaft . These adjustments make it easier to share the trimmer among members of a household.

You also can’t simply invest $15 in what’s basically a lifetime supply of trimmer string. Also, if you’re in a pinch and need some immediately, there may be availability issues. Worx sells them, and there appear to be a number of other brands selling compatible spools (we haven’t tested these and can’t vouch for them). But it does require you to maintain an engine and keep gas on hand. The Ego ST1521S is very similar to our main pick, but it lacks the telescoping shaft and quick handle adjustment.

The Husqvarna 525L model offers commercial-grade components at an affordable price for residential use. This weed eater is an incredibly light tool to use and has the lowest vibration in its class while boasting a 25cc motor and 18” width. Single-line heads use a single string to cut through weeds and grass. It is simple to wind the new line onto the head, but they cut less material with every rotation.

There are many design and feature options that you will need to consider in order to discover which gas weed eater is best suited for your needs. When you need a cordless weed eater with the options to use as a trimmer, edger, mini mower, blower, and more, you have to buy WORX WG928. This string trimmer is the ultimate versatile hub that has been loved by thousands of women and short persons so far. A straight shaft design ensures this tool is easy to use, whether it’s trimming lawns, under bushes or shrubs, or hard-to-reach places with ease. And with easy-start technology, it powers on in just 3 steps. This is a great gas weed wacker specially designed to cut grass, weeds, and other obstacles in your garden with incredible ease.

First, they last for as long as the gas within them lasts, as does the power, which is usually much longer than an electric or battery-powered trimmer. There is also the extra hassle of having to deal with a long cord when you are already doing back-breaking work. If you only need one occasionally or have a very, very small yard, it might be worth the investment. One good thing about these weed eaters is they tend to be lighter in weight, and therefore easier to maneuver, but the good parts stop there. As far as usability, it is a great unit for small yards or even as a backup or secondary unit for commercial landscaping or yard cutting business. Its ergonomic design makes it more fuel-efficient and comfortable to handle as well.

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