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Sweet Cheeks Winery

Here in Eugene, we take our beautiful sunny days very seriously. When we see that golden sun, we head out for any adventure we can find. The cool breezes and green landscapes rejuvenate us and put smiles on our faces. Tasty food and wine are natural cousins to outdoor escapes. Few things accompany a panoramic view like a nice glass of wine. On those cool Autumn days, choose a bold red to warm your soul. Summer and Sunny? A nice crispy white wine can be so refreshing. Sweet Cheeks Winery is a great place to find those wines and pair them with any type of day you find.
If you’ve been blessed with a sunny day, you should add Sweet Cheeks Winery to your itinerary. Nestled among acres of vineyards and rolling hills, the views you’ll take in while sampling their wines are inspiring. Sweet Cheeks takes full advantage of this scenery by providing a wide patio adorned with small tables and leafy plants. This is a great place to sit with loved ones and enjoy a bottle of red or white. A wide view of the surrounding valleys and hills dappled in sunlight is a treat for the eyes.

When you arrive, be sure to review their flight offerings. A flight of both whites and reds is available, and the choices are tough. Best to just sample all of them! While you are free to bring some snacks to accompany your sipping, there are delicious snacks there to purchase. A decadent lunchbox filled with crackers, meats, a few cheeses, and fresh fruit goes perfectly with whatever wine you choose.

Expand your wine palate and experience with handmade, award winning wines like their Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, and Riesling. They focus on Oregon varietals, so with every sip you are tasting the very best the state has to offer. They offer a delectable selection of locally sourced and hand-crafted wines, so you’re sure to find a selection that pleases.

The patio is delightfully decorated, so keep Sweet Cheeks Winery in mind for events like family gatherings, office meetings, weddings, and more. They host frequent events like tastings and can be seen at a variety of local events and festivals.

Folks inspired by our local culture and ingredients will find just what they’re looking for at Sweet Cheeks Winery. Sure, you can buy bottles of their good stuff at local stores, but don’t pass up an opportunity to enjoy a glass or two out at the winery surrounded by the very vines from which the grapes are pulled. If you are looking for a chance to take in seasonal foliage and a nice wine, Sweet Cheeks Winery is a great place to visit.

Sweet Cheeks Winery

For the past 30 years, Sweet Cheeks vineyard has been producing Pinot Noir, Riesling, Pinot Gris & Chardonnay. Though that’s not all. With the cooperation and forged relationships of vineyards all over the Northwest, they have come to produce a wide range of wines, including their Tempranillo.