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Soup Nation

Walking out in the morning and seeing your breath cloud up in the air is usually what starts the craving. Chilly air and frost covered grass only reinforce it. All day you dream of it. There is just one thing that will do. Soup. That wonderful glorious creation has a way of making us even look forward to the onset of cold weather. Hovering over a really hot bowl of chicken soup or chowder can really cure what’s ailing you.

Most places just offer us whatever one soup they happen to have ready that day. At Soup Nation, glorious soup is the main attraction. There is usually five or six options to choose from, and each bowl comes with a nice hunk of brown bread. There are various salads and sandwiches as well. The menu really offers something for every hungry person. The welcoming cafe atmosphere is always bustling at lunch time.

Their soup menu varies every day. Try the Chicken Gumbo for some spicy heat or the New England Clam Chowder in a breadbowl for a traditional favorite. The Bangkok Sweet Potato and the Coconut Ginger Carrot star as vegan options. The menu is full of options for gluten free and vegetarian diners as well. Can’t decide? They offer a 5-soup sampler for those of us who just can’t choose.

Pairing your soup with a killer sandwich is the obvious way to go. Adding a Toasted Cheese with a tomato-based soup is an obvious choice. Try the Turkey, Bacon, and Provolone on a croissant to really keep things interesting. The Meatloaf sandwich on a traditional hoagie roll is a homestyle favorite.

Soup Nation caters to lots of hungry folks, many of them feeling that cold-weather craving for a bowl of piping hot soup. When your bowl arrives with a huge hunk of buttered brown bread at its side, you’ll be happy that winter is upon us.

Soup Nation

Gourmet salads, sandwiches, free parking, full espresso bar, all-Oregon microbrew selections. House baked goods, snappy service.