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It starts easily, offers little vibration and can reach around yard obstacles such as porches, decks and fences. But there are differences between cordless, electric, and gas weed eaters that you will need to know. Crisp, clean edges on a lawn make the yard look well cared for, as well as neat and tidy. While you could purchase an edger to create these edges for you, chances are you already have a tool for the job, as a string trimmer can double as an edger. Some manufacturers even sell models that swivel to make the dual-duty an easier task, but if your gas trimmer doesn’t swivel, that’s okay. So far, Remington RM25C is the easiest gas weed eater for a woman to use.

These adjustments make it easier to share the trimmer among members of a household. The Ego is a dual-line unit, meaning that two strings extend from the cutting head. And it comes equipped with a 0.095-inch trimmer gas weed wacker line, which is on the thicker side and contributes to the trimmer’s cutting ability (a wide variety of 0.095 string is available). Looking at models to test, we dismissed anything priced too far over $250.

Is A Gas Weed Eater Better Than An Electric Weed Eater? Better Than A Battery

The easy winding bump head feeds 0.095-in line with just a bump of the trimmer head. Users can achieve optimal comfort with the multi-position adjustable handle and the straight shaft design makes it easier to trim under bushes and other hard-to-reach spots. The WS210 WEEDWACKER® trimmer is attachment capable to convert it into other lawn care products . It’s electric start capability eliminates manual pull starts with an electric start drill bit to get to work faster .

While all Stihl outdoor powered equipment is built for the long haul, there may be certain situations where you might benefit more from Stihl gas-powered equipment. Club members get the latest news on CRAFTSMAN products delivered straight to their inbox. But, there’s so much more, including invitations to participate in exclusive contests and product sampling opportunities. We’ll help you get the yard you’ve always dreamed of with our in-depth articles, product reviews, videos, and tips. Keeping things nice and easy, you can buy brackets from Amazon that’ll do the job. There’s plenty of ways to store your weed eater but the most common tend to be either brackets, hooks or shelving.

How To Use A Weed Wacker?

But it does require you to maintain an engine and keep gas on hand. The Ego ST1521S is very similar to our main pick, but it lacks the telescoping shaft and quick handle adjustment. My ultimate goal is to provide insights that will help you effectively determine whether this or that tool or product suits your needs/budget or not.

  • Rewinding that line is simplified by a crank that the company provides with the trimmer.
  • This model comes with a small set of wheels, which adjust to convert the trimmer into an edger and even a very small mini-mower.
  • Also, such models are usually more powerful and suitable for maintaining large areas.
  • Making our backyard looks smart and pro is something we all want.
  • For vertical cutting the whole machine can be tilted or some trimmers allow the head to be adjusted at different angles.
  • The lifespan of your weed eater will depend on its build quality, as well as how often you keep it maintained.
  • But the Craftsman WC205 also brings some unique features to the table as well.
  • When a weed eater offers some amazing features and passes some tests, we call it the best weed eater.
  • If there’s a large gap, be warned that tall grass will probably get wrapped around the shaft in that spot.
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  • A straight shaft also puts less strain on the interior mechanisms of the weed whacker, and is more likely to be able to handle different attachments.

Worx’s PowerShare trimmer has a 4.5-star average from a whopping 9,800+ reviewers on Amazon praising its ease of use. It converts between a trimmer and edger, and the head has a 90-degree tilt capability to let it sneak into complicated corners or work on uneven terrain. For all the seven models I have selected and used so far, I have included details about their engine capacity, functionality, and competitive features.

Worx Wg170 Gt Revolution 20v 12 Inch Grass Trimmer

You should immediately cut off the motor if you notice smoke that is turning blue. Some weed wackers can have a four-stroke engine, which does not require the oil and gas to be mixed together. A common mistake that most weed eater owners make is to assume that they can just mix the oil and gas in the device’s gas tank. This should be avoided at all costs as you are more likely to prepare the wrong ratio, not to mention the fact that you will not get a comprehensive blending. Also, ensure that you are using fresh fuel that you plan to completely exhaust within a month.


As with plug fouling, too much oil in the gasoline, inferior oil and continued low-rpm operation can plug the screen with carbon deposits. In extreme cases, heavy deposits choke airflow enough to leave you with a weed eater that won’t start. You can find electric weed eaters priced anywhere from $40 to $600, if not more, depending on the features.

One model in the line is electric, and many have split-shaft designs for attachments. Stihl claims some of its models have features that reduce noise, emissions, weight, and vibration. While corded yard tools may seem outdated, a corded string trimmer can perform really well for a certain subset of homeowners. If you have a small yard and don’t need to trim more than 100 feet from an outlet, these are ideal.

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If it says ethanol 10% fuel, then it is okay to use regular unleaded gas with ethanol. Otherwise, ethanol is not good for the carburetor and fuel lines. It will cause it to gum up quicker and require a carburetor and fuel line change if it sits for a long period of time, like during the winter months. Then the entire carburetor and fuel lines will have to be replaced. Optional attachments turn the Wrangler™ into an arsenal of tools, so you can tackle multiple yard tasks.

Having a love of automobiles that stems from his father’s racing days, Tim has spent a lifetime around cars and trucks. From restoring and renovating them as well as fixing them when they break, Tim always has a tool handy. He currently resides in central Florida with his wife and 5 kids where he divides his time as mentor, devoted father, loving husband and jungle gym. Only need to push it once, it shuts the engine Off, then it’s ready for starting again. Grease starting to seep from the head in just a few hours of use. Cardboard is no match – even the “weakest” trimmer of the bunch can cut through several inches of solid cardboard immediately.

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Slip the gadget over the bump feed button on the bottom of the line head and crank it. The machine’s light weight makes it easy to handle and is achieved in part due to a carbon fiber tube that houses the drive shaft–the only trimmer so equipped. A weed wacker, technically labeled as a string trimmer, is a handheld lawn care device. This type of machine is used to trim weeds and areas of the yard that can’t be reached with a lawnmower.

” Once the motor is at full speed and the line is cut, it’s still loud. The Echo is available at Home Depot, where it currently carries a 4.6 rating across nearly 7,000 customer reviews. Wear eye and ear protection, long pants, and gloves to be safe when using it. A final touch that we appreciated was the little flower guard that sticks out at the front of the trimmer. This guard can be set to indicate the leading edge of the whirling string, so you can trim right up to—but not harm—your prized geraniums. It’s a nice feature—particularly for those who might not be used to handling a string trimmer.

Top 10 Best Craftsman 4-cycle String Trimmers 2020 – Bestgamingpro – Best gaming pro

Top 10 Best Craftsman 4-cycle String Trimmers 2020 – Bestgamingpro.

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Gas trimmers are the heaviest and most difficult type of trimmer to use. They include a shoulder strap, which takes the full weight of the unit off of your arms. If you run out of battery power at the furthest corner of your lot, is a charging station within convenient reach for your corded trimmer?

Wemars 38 9cc Gas String Trimmer 4

Yeah, it is lightweight in the sense that it is a gas-string trimmer. Weedeater sector values the name WORX for the amazing string trimmers it manufactures. Worx has come up with a range of weed whackers that have been leading the industry for a long time now. An electric weed eater is smaller in length than the gas-driven one. The use of an engine gives you the most power and endurance to tackle the trimming chores in your yard and there are no limits to how far it will reach.

As for reach, well, you’re obviously limited to how far it can go by the length of the cord. You can add an extension cord, but again you’re still limited by how far that can go. You just need to knowwhat to look for in an electric modelthat best suits your needs. Yes, a string trimmer can be used for edging the garden, driveway, walkway, or sidewalk. If you have a large yard, it may be better to invest in a separate edging tool.

Battery-powered trimmers are a good choice if you’re looking for a portable weed eater that is quiet and doesn’t release the fumes from gasoline or oil. Many battery-powered trimmers are effective, though some users argue these weed eaters can be weak and have longer downtimes due to charging needs. Trimming and edging your yard cuts the grass that a lawn mower can’t reach, giving your yard a clean and uniform cut. Most gas weed eaters are compatible with unleaded fuel, the same kind that is used in most cars and trucks. Some models with advertise their attachment capability, which usually speaks to that gas weed eater’s ability to use a solid cutting blade rather than a line whip alone. Line size can also be an important factor when comparing gas weed eaters, particularly those that use a line-based whipping system.

The cordless trimmers here are a blend of professional-grade and homeowner-grade equipment. Each is powered by a Lion battery, a convenient power source that can also be used in other outdoor power tools, such as a blower. You’ll pay a slight premium for a battery-powered string trimmer, as compared with a gas model, but if you have a modest property, it may be worth it.

With that kind of price and warranty combined, you can certainly see why buyers of this model have become such fans of the brand in the long-run. That’s why you need to use this guide to find which gas weed eater is right for your needs. We’ve reviewed 8 of this year’s top gas weed eater models, so there’s sure to be one that fits your budget. If you’re looking for the best of the best, look no further than the ECHO X Series. The SRM-2620T has more torque to power through tough regional grasses like Bermuda or St. Augustine, or for use in edging applications or with a blade. With ECHO trimmers, you’ll spend less time creating a lasting impression and more time enjoying it.

We take 10 gas-powered string trimmers and put them through our paces to determine who’s king in the Best Weedeater Shootout. Some are 4-cycle and some 2-cycle, but they’re all gas powered. And the “string” in string trimmer does actually refer to a string.

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