Cornbread Cafe

What is it about a diner with booths and counter seating that gets us feeling nostalgic? Diners are known for friendly and prompt service, a menu of comforting standard dishes, and a welcoming atmosphere. Stop by this place a few times and the servers will know your name and favorite dishes. Classic lights hang over the booths and local artwork adorns the walls.  Cornbread Cafe has all of those local, friendly elements and delivers them very well.

The fact that all of Cornbread Cafe’s dishes are vegan gives this establishment just the unique twist to make it truly successful. Vegan meat substitutes like tofu, Seitan, and Tempeh are used to create recreations of classic southern comfort food dishes. You can still meet your need for home-style food and enjoy a meal that is considerate of our animal friends. Everything, even down to that gorgeous pat of butter melting over the top of your cornbread muffin, is vegan.

Try out the Moody Portobello, in sandwich or platter form, for a delicious trip. Smothered in greens and accompanied by a side dishes like mashed taters and gravy, cornbread (of course), and Mac Uncheese, the Moody Portobello is sure to satisfy. The Reuben, French Dip, and Hempburger are all options to feed your appetite for that satisfying and hearty diner meal. Finish your experience here with a trip over to the dessert counter. The cupcakes, shakes, and cheesecake are the perfect sweet ending to your meal. And go ahead, get that cheesecake deep fried, you deserve it!

Don’t be intimidated by the vegan menu and atmosphere at Cornbread Cafe. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable about all of the dishes. You don’t have to be a strict follower of a vegan diet to enjoy this local spot. It can be fun to try out new additions to your standard meals. Die hard vegans, meatless Monday families, and anyone just curious to find out what all the buzz about eating vegan is welcome here.


Cornbread Cafe

Vegan vintage diner serving up mostly organic Southern-inspired comfort food with a strong focus on local ingredients & a family-friendly, community-oriented  environment.