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Chingu Restaurant

Korean food can sometimes get overlooked in the overflowing river of Asian food options. Sushi and Thai styles seem to dominate, with American style Chinese food spots lining the landscape everywhere. Korean food stands tall in its own right though. It’s big bold flavors stand out in a crowd, but sometimes diners will avoid flavors what they don’t know. Chingu Restaurant is here to take away your fears. In fact, the word “chingu” means “friend” in Korean. They offer a failrly…
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Tailored Coffee Roasters

When you walk into Tailored Coffee Roasters, you can tell that they are all about perfection. A quick stop for a shot to get through the last part of the work day turned into an hour of relaxing and flipping through a new paperback. The old adage goes something like, ”Do one thing and do it well.” A sure formula for success for so many local and national businesses. This adherence to one thing, a dedication to very good coffee, is…
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Soup Nation

Large Soup
Walking out in the morning and seeing your breath cloud up in the air is usually what starts the craving. Chilly air and frost covered grass only reinforce it. All day you dream of it. There is just one thing that will do. Soup. That wonderful glorious creation has a way of making us even look forward to the onset of cold weather. Hovering over a really hot bowl of chicken soup or chowder can really cure what's ailing you. Most…
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Sweet Cheeks Winery

Sweet Cheeks Wine
Here in Eugene, we take our beautiful sunny days very seriously. When we see that golden sun, we head out for any adventure we can find. The cool breezes and green landscapes rejuvenate us and put smiles on our faces. Tasty food and wine are natural cousins to outdoor escapes. Few things accompany a panoramic view like a nice glass of wine. On those cool Autumn days, choose a bold red to warm your soul. Summer and Sunny? A nice…
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Cornbread Cafe

What is it about a diner with booths and counter seating that gets us feeling nostalgic? Diners are known for friendly and prompt service, a menu of comforting standard dishes, and a welcoming atmosphere. Stop by this place a few times and the servers will know your name and favorite dishes. Classic lights hang over the booths and local artwork adorns the walls.  Cornbread Cafe has all of those local, friendly elements and delivers them very well.…